Tuesday 3/24

  Hey guys. Hope all are well and enjoying quality family time!!

  Tomorrow is another PE day.

   Big shout out to all those who have completed your first at home PE assignment. I have seen some good work going on. A "Game ball" goes out to Solomon for the 5k. Keep it up.
   More game balls go out to Todd for the outdoor workout, Connor (loved the plank), JJ for killing it on the treadmill (before the gym locked the doors), Noah J for putting in work as well as Sam and Blake and Paige for completing their first task.

   This week, I am going to extend and continue last week's assignment of the 3 min dance or 3 min of workout. Next week we will have something "different". A special guest instructor for you to exercise with at home !! Until then, keep sending in your videos.

For a good in home workout try darbee

For some other ideas (especially dance) try the workplaytrain kids

or you can always get outside run and do your own workout that works best for you.

Peace be with you.


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