Thurs 3/26

Hey guys. How is everyone doing ?

  Any of you middle schoolers still experiencing trouble with google classroom ?  Hopefully everyone has worked through the early kinks and is receiving assignments as well as getting them sent in.

  So for everyone in my homeroom, you will need to log on to google classroom and join my zoom for chapel Friday morning. This will be shown at 10am.

Chapel Link

  Please join me, as well as your classmates, as our school all should be participating in this video chapel together.

peace be with you

Wed march 25

Hey guys. How was everyone's day ?

  Anyone having trouble with any of your assignments, not just PE? If you have any questions please email me, and I will do my best to answer it, even if it is not PE/Fitness related.

  To all my 6th graders, I will be inviting you to join us for a video chapel session this Friday at 10am. Don't worry. It will not be a full on hour !!

  We the teachers had our very own video meeting earlier tis afternoon. All families should be getting a letter via email this Friday from our leader, Mr. Ricabal. In it, you should find some info about what our school's plan is for the next couple of weeks.

  In the meantime good luck with your assignments and get up, get out and just move it !!

  peace be with you

Tuesday 3/24

Hey guys. Hope all are well and enjoying quality family time!!

  Tomorrow is another PE day.

   Big shout out to all those who have completed your first at home PE assignment. I have seen some good work going on. A "Game ball" goes out to Solomon for the 5k. Keep it up.

   More game balls go out to Todd for the outdoor workout, Connor (loved the plank), JJ for killing it on the treadmill (before the gym locked the doors), Noah J for putting in work as well as Sam and Blake and Paige for completing their first task.

   This week, I am going to extend and continue last week's assignment of the 3 min dance or 3 min of workout. Next week we will have something "different". A special guest instructor for you to exercise with at home !! Until then, keep sending in your videos.

For a good in home workout try darbee

For some other ideas (especially dance) try the workplaytrain kids

or you can always…

Return from Walton's Mountain

Hey guys. How was everyone's weekend? Hope you all are doing well and virus free.
   I just got home and unpacked. I just spent the last 2 days visiting my mom and grandmother. My mom called Friday night and asked that I come and help her with a few things. My mom turns 73 this summer and my grandmother? Well she's holding steady and a ripe 93 !!
  Some things you need to understand. First a visit to the farm in Stony Point, NC is like going back in time. Picture a cross between the Walton's and Mayberry and Hazzard County. I mean it's not the dark ages. But it's close. There is running water and electricity but that is about it.
  The ol' farmhouse was built by my great grandfather before the turn of the century. Sometime in the 90's. The 1890's !! There is no central air or heat. If you want it cooler, open a window. Every room has a fireplace (they have all been converted to gas).
  When I was younger one of the things I looked to the most was waki…

Friday march 20

Hey guys. How is everyone? Enjoying quality family time I hope.
  And what about the school work from home? Hope that's going well. Parents, let me tell you, I'm struggling with Math also !!
  I well let you know that the teachers have been communicating a lot the last 2 days. And by a lot I mean over 120 total group texts Thursday and about 75 today. All my colleagues are working together as we try to navigate through the temporary changes the virus has brought us.
  If any of you have questions, please email your teacher. We are all approachable as well as parents too. We are "all in this together".
  Speaking of work from home. I have enjoyed seeing those of you that have sent in your workout videos. Keep up the good work.
 As a school, we are going to make some tweaks to next week's schedule. Please look at the school website, teacher blogs, and school emails.
 In the meantime, I leave you with the closing verses of my favorite Psalm. 121. Some of you may b…

At home PE/Fitness assignment

So by now you all have heard that we are taking Lee Christian to online learning til the coronapocalypse passes. This is also in effect for all pe and fitness classes. After some collaboration, Mrs Godfrey and I have come up with the following plan for our classes.

Option 1. Line Dance Dance Off.
1. Students are to create AND record a 3 minute repetitive dance.
2. Music can be your choice, provided there is no "bad language".
3. You must be willing to share/teach your class upon returning.
4. Please have parents send videos to my email account:
5. You may collaborate, but ALL must be dancing.
6. The best will be shared on our school social media.
7. The top choreographers will receive $5 falcon bucks.
8. All dance videos are due by Friday March 27 by midnight.

for dance options/examples check out (videos/dance)

**If you are not interested in a dance then there is ...


Lord, hold our hand

Last week we had several meaningful devotions. One that particularly stands out was titled "Lord, hold my hand." The scripture basis for the devotion was taken from Romans 8:38-39.

  To paraphrase Paul in his letter, he tells them that nothing will separate us from the love our god has for us.

  In the corresponding devotion, we read about a mother that asked her son to hold her hand as they crossed the road. The son replied to his mother that no, she should grab his hand. When asked later to explain the son said that his hand was small and he might lose his mother's hand. But on the contrary, if she grabbed his hand he knew she wouldn't let go.

  Right now, we can take comfort in knowing that our Lord and savior is there holding our hand. He is here with us holding our hand, and he will not let go.

  Peace be with you.